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Dental Performance Podcast

Aug 23, 2017

Welcome back to the Dental Performance Podcast. I’m your host, John Cotton from and thank you for joining me today for Episode 5 of the Dental Performance Podcast.

Our topic for today is a great one. In today’s interview, we’ll be focusing on case acceptance to completion, with my guest Dr. Justin Tarver. One of the most common struggles I hear from dentists all across the country is “How exactly can you increase your case acceptance to completion.”

It’s my hope today’s episode helps put you on the right track, and Dr. Justin has some incredible knowledge to share with you today.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Justin Tarver while doing a keynote a few years back, and we’ve stayed in touch every since. Dr. Tarver lives in Monroe Louisiana and is an LSU alumni as well as a member of the North East Louisiana Dental Association. He is also active in the Give Kids A Smile program.

How To Increase Case Acceptance To Completion With Guest Dr. Justin Tarver

Here are a few items to be on the lookout for...

  • How Dr. Justin’s Focus On One Key Production Driver (Case Acceptance To Competition) Made All The Difference in His Dental Practice
  • Why Putting Your Plan In Writing Can Increase Buy In From Your Team
  • How To Avoid The “Shiny Object Syndrome” That Haunts Most Dentists
  • The “Right” and “Wrong” Way To Measure The Important Metrics In Your Dental Practice.

And much more.


A huge thank you to Dr. Justin Tarver for sharing his knowledge today and showing the power of focus when it comes to your dental practice. While the list of things you want to do to improve your practice is likely pages long, focusing on your key production drivers will really move the needle in your business.

I hope you found Dr. Justin Tarvers story both informative and helpful.

About The Guest

Tarver Dental 


"Get your plan in writing." - Dr. Justin Tarver

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