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Dental Performance Podcast

Jul 17, 2017


Welcome to the first episode of the Dental Performance Podcast. I’m your host, John Cotton from

Our goal with this show is to help you become a high performing dental practice owner - and there’s no better person to start the show off than our first guest Dr. Charlie Ankar.  

Dr. Ankar’s practice, Shallowford Family Dental Group, is in the beautiful city of Chattanooga, TN, and as you'll hear in the episode he was able to significantly grow his practice with just a few small tweaks. 

We have had the pleasure of serving Dr. Ankar by growing his practice starting with helping him create and implement a strategic planning, and are very proud to have him on the show to share his story.

In our conversation, he shares actionable insight on how he’s been able to grow his practice beyond his expectations.    

Keep an eye out for a few of these major items

  • How Dr. Ankar converted a team of workers to a team of focused ‘performers’.
  • How managing people suppress performance and the right kind of leadership that unleashes team performance.
  • Why less = more!  Focusing on 2 to 3 key strategies is a goldmine waiting to happen.   

And much more.

Episode Action Guide

A huge thank you to Dr. Ankar for joining us today for the very first episode of Dental Practice Performance Podcast. I hope you find his story as inspiring as I did, and took away a few actionable insights you can implement in your own practice.


"Some of us have a plan in our mind... but never put it on paper." - Dr. Charles Ankar

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