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Dental Performance Podcast

Jul 26, 2017

Welcome to the second episode of the Dental Performance Podcast. I’m your host, John Cotton from

Before we begin, I just want to say thank you for the amazing reception of Episode 1 with Dr. Charlie Ankar. I’m incredibly grateful for the many comments and emails of appreciation for the deep-dive into How Dr. Ankar’s practice has created big and sustainable growth. As I’ve stated, my goal with the podcasts is to help you become the best dental practice owner you can be.

For our second episode, I’m excited to introduce my good friend Dr. Charles Blair, who The Guru and master of insurance administration. In our conversation, he shares several actionable strategies you can start implementing today.

Keep an eye out for some major items such as....

    • The biggest mistakes most dentists make with dental insurance administration, and how to avoid them.
    • Why investing in the basics now can save you tons of time and tens of thousands of dollars down the road.
    • The top tips and tricks Dr. Charles Blair has used to help his clients save money and increase their reimbursements.And much more.

A huge thank you to Dr. Charles Blair for joining us on the show today. It’s clear Dr. Blair is The Expert when it comes to making sure you optimize reimbursements and collections, but also avoid the mistakes and costs that can easily occur.   

Clearly, insurance administration is complicated and headache prone for practice owners, and team members.  Getting it right affects the Patient Experience, Case Acceptance, write-offs and the name a few.


"Get your coding right... Get your admin right... That's just part of building a strong foundation." - Dr. Charles Blair

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